9 Wonder Words: A Language for Living Well Even When All Hell Breaks Loose

9 Wonder Words


Words change how you think, feel, act, and even what you see. Neuroscience shows that using words from different languages can re-wire your brain, helping you to create a positive mindset. Some words help you feel joy, see beauty, believe in a better world, and your own power to create it. These are the positive words you will find in this book: global words of wellness from ancient and modern languages.

Travel all over the world to discover them with Lucy Turner: a United Nations civil servant who lived and worked on five continents. Through language-learning, she found words to feel calm, confident and courageous. 9 Wonder Words presents these words through funny stories and ground-breaking science. 9 Wonder Words will help you feel happy now, and inspired to create a better future.

Feeling dispirited by the pressures of life in a world in crisis? Good news! ‘9 Wonder Words’ gives you tools to feel calm in stressful situations, notice the good things surrounding you, and access the inner strength you need to enjoy—and even create—more of them.

Described as “a tonic” and “pick me up for struggling humans,” this book shares the life-enhancing wisdom that people living in the toughest conditions on the planet use to remain in high spirits—even when all hell is breaking loose.

Through entertaining stories from around the world, aid worker Lucy Turner shares insights for a happier, healthier life, drawn from her experience living, working, and learning the languages of some of the most resilient people on the planet.

In 9 Wonder Words, you will discover:

  • A word to improve your leadership and resilience in high-stress situations.
  • A word to increase your creativity and performance.
  • A word to access to the stress-reducing benefits of gratitude.
  • A word to feel good now, no matter what circumstances you are in.
  • An ancient Indian word to give you a sense that you have more time.
  • Words from Southern Africa and the Pacific to help you believe and achieve your biggest goals.
  • Lessons from West Africa and South Asia on how language promotes peace and progress.
  • Lessons from the Middle East on how to use your voice to increase income and
  • Global research showing how language created our species, accelerates evolution and can regenerate our planet and societies – beginning with you.

Most of all, you’ll laugh your way across the planet to discover the beauty of some of the world’s most remote and extraordinary places.

Lucy Turner

Lucy Turner is an international civil servant who discovered the power of words to change lives and nations. After finding research proving the life-changing potential of language, Lucy decided to share a bridge to joyful living and social unity by drawing together powerful words from ancient and modern languages.

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Lucy shares her personal experience of the power of words in the introduction chapter of 9 Wonder Words. Read or listen to it here:

Download: PDF – 9 Wonder Words – Turner – Intro chapter

Download: Audio Sample

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Feeling overwhelmed by your many goals, alongside your many pressures? Concerned that your objectives are beyond your reach? That you don’t have enough skills or support, time or talent to get to where you want to be?

You might be right – but you’ll get there anyway.

You can reach your destination with the patience and persistence, confidence and chutzpah, creativity and competence, you can unlock through one word in this chapter. Discover it along with me – on a hilarious bus journey through the vast grasslands of Mozambique and acacia
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