United Nations

Words for the world we want. 

In Liberia, Sierra Leone, Timor Leste, Nepal, Palestine, and San Quentin Prison, Lucy Turner observed how people’s words and stories reveal simple solutions that change lives and nationsListening, as people speak in their own voices and languages, also empowers and builds bridges among communities devastated by conflict and poverty.

Convinced that peace and progress require these factors –  proven effective solutions,  empathy, and empowerment –  Lucy Turner committed to help ensure that the voices of the people that the United Nations serves inform what the Organisation does for them. She has dedicated herself to a paradigm shift whereby ‘beneficiaries’ of international assistance are also identified as sources of the expertise we need for the world we want.

Through advice, training, research, and advocacy, Lucy helps governments, civil society organisations, cultural organisations, and social entrepreneurships to develop initiatives that create meaningful, measurable change in lives and societies. She helps businesses to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals in their investments, and report measurable change to their Boards and employees.  Her work has been highlighted at the UN Security Council, UNDP Executive Board, Commission on the Status of Women, World Data Forum, and World Economic Forum, among others. 

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