United Nations

In every voice. In every language. In every story, is the information we need for the world we want.

In Liberia, Sierra Leone, Timor Leste, Nepal, Palestine, and San Quentin Prison, I saw how enabling people to speak and be heard promotes peace, empowerment, empathy, and measurable improvements in lives and institutions.  Now based at HQ in New York, I help put in place systems so that the voices of the people that the UN serves can inform what the UN does for them.

How can the ideas, perspectives, and lived experiences of illiterate people in rural areas influence our policies, projects, and programs? How can people affected by conflict and poverty communicate with decision-makers, so they get the resources and respect they need to flourish? How to leverage digital tools and the arts so that local stories are heard, and used to increase understanding between communities? How to systematize sustainable approaches and support a cultural shift towards people-centered and evidence-informed peacebuilding globally? 

These are the questions that motivate me, my work in countries, and my advocacy at Headquarters. I work towards a change in the international system, while providing concrete support to help my colleagues in field offices to put people’s lived experience at the beginning and the end of all that we do for them.

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